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Lady of Waters

A world religion. Central temple in Jiran. Temple at Blue Heaven Springs. Major temple in the canal city, whose location is currently unknown.
What we actually know about the canal city, and one of the major rituals of the Lady of Waters: the boats in the canal city are pulled by animals resembling seals but more intelligent, called "selkiri". The priestesses of the Lady's temple, and certain young men who are sworn to the Lady for that purpose, can control the creatures (thereby steering the boats). Once every year, during the summer, the Head Priestess of the temple of the canal city and her entourage head up the River Jira to Jiran in a large boat pulled by a number of the selkiri, to hold rites at the main temple.
The temples of the Lady of Waters, particularly the main temple, are the holders of the Prophecy of Jiran which is as follows: "There shall come a young woman to Jiran in the nation of Alari from a land far beyond distance, and she shall enter neither by road nor by river nor from the air, but by the need of the land and the power of her true heart. Others of her land shall also come into the world, and with them and their chosen companions shall she save the world, but the foundations of the world shall shake with their coming. And what she shall require shall be granted her, and she shall come to the Temple of the Lady of Waters and what she shall ask must be granted her." It should be noted that the phrase "power of one's true heart" is an approximate translation, with an unclear meaning.

people (including selkiri):
High Priestess (Jiran temple)
Priestess with Foresight (Jiran temple)
Jineka, a novice (Jiran temple)
Nadia, Head Priestess (Blue Heaven Springs). Has blue hair and light blue eyes.
Jinnosuke. Selkiri. (Blue Heaven Springs)
Head Priestess (canal city temple)

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