Madron (country)

capital: Madron City
government: Madron is actually a coalition of city-states. The country is referred to as Madron because that is the city-state which has control of the others, either economically or militarily. Madron City page has more details.
religion: polytheistic, with temples to various domestic and foreign deities. All temples must pay a tax determined by the number and wealth of the worshippers.
geography: forests and farmland in a roughly equal mix. a climate like that of Earth's England and Ireland.
cities: many, all smaller and weaker than Madron City. Each city is walled most having no buildings beyond the walls. Since each one is a city-state, they all technically have their own governments, but are really forced to swear fealty to Madron and follow its laws.
architecture: Madron City's is highly varied, with buildings resembling those of various other lands. Everywhere else the buildings are wood and the cities have a greater degree of urban planning.
clothing: in Madron City there is wide variety. Everywhere else most clothing is cotton or silk when it can be afforded. Everything is cut conservatively and very loosely... excess cloth is tucked into boots, bracers, or gloves. Women wear ankle-length dresses and often tie braided, colored cord around their upper arms to hold up the extra fabric in their sleeves. Colors are mostly greens, browns, and blues.
notes: the only one of the currently-claimed nations to allow slavery.

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