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Reiki, the Healing City

The healing capital of the world. This city, also a minor trade center due to it's location at the intersection of the Long Road and the River Road, is large, housing a vast assortment of educational institutes. Aside from having many libraries and ancient archives, the most famous of institutions in Reiki are the Healer's Guild, and the Academe.
The Academe houses over 1,000 masters in Healing Magic. This is slightly different from the "typical white magic", as this is strictly healing magic. There is a small wing of white mages that teaches those with white-magic in them how to use the defensive white magic spells, etc. etc., commonly known to us. However, this gift is extremely rare, being one child in every 20 or so years born with the gift. More common, 300-500 or so a year, are those with the healing magic strong enough in them for them to become healing mages. There are usually 2,000-3,000 students in the Academe at a time... as once they reach journeyman status, they leave the Academe and go into the field. There are over 10,000 Healing Mages in the field, in various royal palaces, institutions, monasteries, etc.
The Healer's Guild houses the other, equally viable option of healing. Both Healers and Mages are equally respected in what they do. The Healers are what we would consider "doctors". Relying on a lot of herbal remedies and poultices, etc., the Healer's Guild is constantly working to develop better medicine technology and remedies which wouldn't require the services of a Mage. The Healers number over 20,000 in the city, some working only on research, others teaching, others practicing. There are as-yet-unknown numbers of healers around the countries and in other cities. There is a census of them all, though our agent has been unable to accertain the actual number. There is a guild panel, in Reiki, of approximately 20 guild members.
Alchemy: A branch off of the Healer's Guild, the alchemists... do just that. Practice, research, and teach alchemy. Their numbers are less than those of the healer's guild, and alchemists are slightly less prestigious than healers.
There were also, at least at the time of the Rending, Schools of Mages (other than Healer-Mages, and including the smaller School of Gating), and of Empaths...and perhaps of other now-unknown Talents as well.

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