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Name: Alissa

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Occupation: Warrior

Age: 16


Black hair/shoulder length worn down and pushed back with a headband; dark brown eyes; 5'4"; 125 lbs.; medium build; wears a black tanktop, black leggings, blue vest, blue skirt, black boots, two necklaces, three rings, and a pair of earrings.


Good at using a sword. Is also pretty good with a spear and staff. Trying to master weapon skills.


Sarcastic, pessimistic, nice, not shy but a bit self-concious, sometimes short-tempered, switches moods very quickly, caring, smart, good at listening.


Has trouble talking about her problems because she doesn't think that hers are as important as others, tries to conceal how she feels about something, and has trouble resisting something with sugar in it.


Parents died in a fire when she was about six. Sent to her uncle's where she was taught how to use weapons. Her older brother went off to train for knighthood. Grew up with her younger sister and cousin. Trained with cousin while her younger sister learned magic skills. Sister was kidnapped right before Alissa's 16th birthday. Alissa set out in search for her.


When she moved to her uncle's, she found a talking mouse named Hanpan. He is actually a human named Hans who was put under a spell when he was about two. He's two years older than Alissa, like her older brother. Because of the spell, he also ages at human rate. He follows Alissa almost where ever she goes. He's her best non-human friend.


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