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Name: Aurin Kermorvan

Age: 20

Race: Elohim


Sandy-haired youth who stands about 5.5 ft. His eyes are a deep, glittering gold,(CLAMP-style) and he has the pointed ears of his race. Athletic build, lithe rather than muscular. Wears light leather breeches. His tunic is light blue, but is sleeveless with no back. It is held in place by a leather collar around his neck. Around his right arm is a bejeweled gauntlet of a jet black metal. When in use, his wings are white with a few black feathers. His wings can be pulled in, taking about a second to regrow (a-la Escaflowne).


Aurin belongs to a race known as the Elohim. The Elohim are one of the races of the Fey, a race that has a nigh mythical status in Narada. Aurin possesses all of the abilities of that race: wings and the ability of flight, a resistance to temperature extremes, doesn't require as much air to breathe as surface dwellers, and keen vision. He can speak to all things of the air, such as Sylphs, faeries, birds, etc., although he is not very good at it; also he has a very small ability to manipulate clouds.

The speaking and cloud manipulation abilities will slowly mature as time passes. Flying is very much like walking or running. It is hardest at take off, but once airborne, can be maintained fairly easy, depending on conditions. He can carry one person for about fifteen minutes at a jogging pace.

General Personality:

Cheerful most of the time, but is trying to come to terms with the nature of his cursed glove. Currently has no reason to dislike anyone, and until he has a reason, will do his best to avoid getting into a fight.


Somewhat naive because he has been alone for so long, and for some reason or another, there is always a comfortable breeze blowing around him whenever he is still for too long.


The Abyssward Glove: This is the gauntlet Aurin wears. He can not remove it. When active, it does a number of things.

First of all, the wearer become armored by a weightless metal that glows brightly. A weapon is also formed of the same material. The wearer also gains a fair amount of magic resistance. The wearer becomes possessed by the warrior spirit bound within the gauntlet and becomes a killing machine.

His strength and speed also increase dramatically. The gauntlet reacts when the wearer gets in a combat situation.

The downside to all of this power is the price paid for it. Before the wearer can revert back to normal, an innocent life must be taken.

When the power is first used, the aura of the armor and weapons is bright white, but the more it is used, the more it tarnishes until the aura is jet black. It also corrupts the Elohim wearing it by slowly turning the wearer's wings black. When the wings are all black, the wearer becomes a demon known as an Abyssraver. The amount of black in an Elohim's wings indicates how he behaves while under the influence of the glove. The more black, the darker and cruel the killer form is. Aurin's wings are still mostly white.

Once transformed, the only real way to cause the reverse transformation is by killing an innocent. It is possible to reverse the change by doing a number of other things, although these do not satisfy the spirit of the glove. First, he can be knocked out, though this is often the trickiest way. The killing form can be reasoned with and can be talked into reverting back to normal. And there is a time constraint on how long the killing form can remain active once it is not needed (i.e. fight's over), generally about 15-30 minutes. Whatever may happen, the glove will collect its dues.

A side effect of this is that Aurin is haunted occasionally by some of the souls bound in the Glove. The strongest of these spirits can be seen by others. These souls can interfere with Aurin's activities, and it might be possible to appeal to the trapped souls to bring him out of his cursed form. The amount they can interfere is based on how much Aurin was willing to fight. If he goes looking for a brawl, they have minimal influence; if he gets jumped while on a picnic, they probably have a good amount of influence.


Wearer becomes possessed by the spirit of the glove.

Triggers in a combat situation, but the transformation can be resisted for a brief time --a minute or so. If the danger passes, then it will cease trying to trigger the transformation.

Once the danger has passed, the spirit can only remain active for 15-30 min.

Strength, speed, and combat skill increase dramatically

Armor and weapon are formed.

Requires an innocent life after each use.. That is, a person not related to the situation in which the combat took place. The spirit prefers a 'good' person, but if nothing else is available, then any random person will do, as long as they were not involved in the fight.

The spirits of the innocents slain by the glove are trapped in the glove.

All of them can manifest to the wearer; some can manifest in the presence of others.

The transformation ends after the innocent life is taken.

The transformation can be aborted in the following manners:

When a transformation is ended without the taking of a life, the next time it transforms, it will take two lives. If the price is not paid three or more times, then the glove will trigger itself automatically when a good chance to collect its price appears.

Motivating Circumstances:

Aurin wants to find more of his race. He wouldn't mind finding some decent companions in the process.. When he learns the nature of it, he also will want to get rid of the cursed gauntlet before it is too late.

Past History:

About the Elohim:

The Elohim were one of the early races of the Fey that existed long before the coming of man. Children of the creation, they danced forever, content with the sun and sky. With the coming of the lesser races of the Fey such as Elves, the Elohim changed. They became a nation and chose to coexist with Man. They absorbed many characteristics of the lesser races, notably curiosity. They formed a kingdom, ruling the skies in a majestic floating fortress. At this time, their numbers began to decline, for while long-lived, they had lost their immortality in the interaction with the lesser races. Being creatures of innate magic, they set to exploring the mystic world. This led to disaster, when a portal to some nether realm was opened and a great evil gained access to the world. The Elohim responded quickly, binding the portal to their great floating fortress and placing themselves out of the reach of the surface dwellers. In their fortress of Brithair, a great, long battle took place. The Elohim fought by themselves, rallying all of their people. As their situation grew more desperate and their magic declined, they created the Abyssward Guard and their infamous gloves during the war. But the Abyss had corrupted the accomplishment. Innocence was the greatest bane of the demons from that realm, and so the gloves were created to be fueled by the souls of innocents. But the very method of using the souls was tainted and proved how much the Elohim had fallen. They were forced to take surface dwellers to provide power for the fight against the Abyss, kidnapping them in the dark of night. In the end, the Elohim triumphed, but their numbers were decimated. Some of them unmade themselves in shame at the price of victory. Some were slain upon returning to the surface (Elohim wings are a alchemical component as valuable as a Unicorn's horn). The rest sealed off the majority of the cursed gloves and bound the fortress of Brithair with their greatest wards and magics. The few remaining gloves were hidden away in a few of their cities in case the wards on Brithair failed.

Then they scattered across the globe.

About Aurin:

Aurin was born in the great floating island of Korytryn, the last city of the Elohim. The city was a ghost town and once Aurin could care for himself, his parents left him. He lived alone, spending carefree days exploring the deserted city. While exploring, he found a secret room that had been exposed by the crumbling ruin of the city. It contained a strange gauntlet. He tried it on and was only mildly annoyed when it would not come off. When he had grown enough, he left the city and went to the surface to find one of his own kind. He hid his heritage and traveled as a human for a time. An encounter with a slave raiding party led to the activation of the Glove; the fight ended with Aurin staring into the hollow eyes of the girl he was trying to rescue and the realization that he had killed her. He has wandered aimlessly since then, not understanding what came over him, and is seeking to learn more about the nature of the glove.


This character is © by Aris Rennon.