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Name:Watt's pic of Bubbles





About 20, still very young for Dragons.




About 4 feet long, 3 feet wide. Kind of round in body and face



Quirks & Talents:

As a Pink Dragon, she differs from most dragons in a number of ways. First, most dragons have a "Fear Aura," so that most people are scared by the very sight of a dragon. Pink Dragons have a "Cute Aura," so that people will find them absolutely adorable on sight.

Her breath weapon, is a cloud of soap like bubbles that can sting peoples eyes, blinding them temporarily, but otherwise is harmless. Since she is not that old, her range is limited to under 5 feet, and she can only do it a few times before she needs to "recharge," which takes 12 hours. She can do other things while her bubbles restore themselves. Basically, she's waiting for her "Soap bladder" to refill.

Her teeth aren't fully grown in, so she can't bite for much damage. She does eat meat, but she can't break skin. However, she does have some formidable claws. Her wings are as of yet too small to allow her to fly. She is physically about the equivalent of a 5 yr. old, in human terms of development. She won't be full grown for about a century or so. She has a high pitched, slightly squeaky voice, but can carry on rather adult conversations (she is about 20 after all).


When she was five years old, she went on, what was supposed to be a one month religious meditation. All dragons have to do this at key ages, but this first one is usually not understood, and the parents return the they area they left their young one to find it is half staved, board out of its mind, and or seriously injured. Some would even be found dead. The first meditation time is intended to more or less "weed out" dragons who are least fit to survive on their own.

In Yabsajubru's case, on her second day she cut a stone splinter wedged under one of her claws. She was befriended by a young human boy. He helped take out the splinter, and Yasbajubru was extremely grateful, and found this human extremely cute and interesting to watch play. She followed this human back to his house, and every where else he went. By the end of the month, she had wandered much farther away than her parents had thought she would, and could not find her. Yasbajubru was having so much fun "playing" with the humans, that she had convinced herself that her parents had cruelly abandoned her, never to return. The truth is that her parents still look for her, but fear that she did not survive her "meditation" time.

The humans considered her their pet, but Yasbajubru considered them her pets. Thus she followed her pets where ever they might go, and played with them in their little adventure games (real life adventures to you and me). One day, the family of humans she had taken is as pets were attacked by bandits. The games party of adventurers came to the rescue and drove off the bandits. Unfortunately, Yabsajubru's "pets" did not survive. So she decided to tag along with these humans that helped her out when she needed help. (Much like a boy befriends a dog who fights off the wolves.) And so, the adventure begins! (yes, said attack will be my first post, as soon as I get profiles.)


She is always cheerful and happy, even in desperate situations. She can see the bright side of everything. This does not mean that she doesn't understand misfortune, or that she wants to be little someone's pain. She just is basically a reptilian Pollyanna. (no, not Barney)


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