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Name: Finn

Translation: "Fair haired and complexioned"

Occupation: Escaped slave.

Age: 20

Hair: White, tied in a short ponytail with those cool anime/Disney hero bangs (see the picture to the right...)

Eyes: One green, one ... out of action. See below.

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

Build: Thin. Is dexterous, but not muscular

Weapon of choice: staff/walking stick

Clothing: Gray cloak with hood, simple tunic, pants, and boots. Wears a grayish strip of cloth across his left eye.

Distinguishing Marks: Has a black tattoo of a pair of shackles on the back of his right shoulder, as well as scars on his wrists and ankles from the shackles. He tries to keep these hidden. He's also blind in his left eye, as mentioned above.

Personality: Partially because of his nature, partially because of his slave training, Finn tends to be helpful when possible. He started off serving his own self interests first, but he's feeling a little guilty about that now. If he can help someone, he will.

History: Born and raised a slave in the city of Madron, Finn was last purchased by a wizard named Argnoth. Argie's main interest was in researching paranormal activity such as sixth sense, telepathy, telekinetics, and the like. As part of one of his experiments, He blinded Finn and damaged the throat of another slave named Witt.

He then used his magic to make Witt a transmitter and Finn a receiver. Basically, Witt could relay what he saw or thought to Finn. This was done in such a way that Witt could only talk through Finn, and Finn could only see with Witt's eyes.

Experiments were pretty much their lot in life until some of Argnoth's more powerful slaves decided to revolt. The rebellion was put down, but Witt and a 15 year old Finn managed to escape in the confusion.

They managed to survive on their own for about 4 years, but members of the Madron Slaver's Guild eventually caught up with them. (Guild leaders take the escaped slave situation rather seriously - especially when their owner puts a bounty out for them.) Witt helped Finn get away, but he himself was recaptured. After that, Finn spent some time living off of the charity of a few abolitionists he's managed to befriend.

Things started to get interesting when a thief named Kal showed up at the Green Dragon Inn looking for Finn. The former slave panicked and fled, but ended up being captured by a bandit gang. Finn managed to fall through a hole and nearly kill himself ... um, that is to say, Finn managed to escape and met up with Iya Yume, an outcast of mixed racial heritage (including dragon and elf).

The two took a (platonic) liking to each other and set out to find civilization again. Around this time a person named Aaron contacted Finn through his dreams. Apparently, Aaron had some friends trapped in Narada and he needed Finn's help. Finn agreed when Aaron promised to help Finn rescue Witt and when Iya agreed to go along.

In a small town south of Kaika they were reintroduced to Drake and found that the Green Dragon Inn and everything else in Kaika had been burned to the ground. Drake had plans to return and rebuild, however, so the 3 parted ways again. (Most of his patrons were merchants, so he always had a client base at that locale.)

All went well after that until they reached S'kae and met up with two of Aaron's friends, Teri and Stana. After that Iya flew away for some unknown reason and Finn had just enough time to befriend Ambassador Elainas of the Syl before an agent of Argnoth named Garrick kidnapped him and whisked him back to Madron.

What happened after that was a series of psychotic episodes, a reunion with Witt, another experiment of Argnoth's that involved operating on Finn, and a rescue attempt in the middle of the operation.

During the rescue a reformed Kal took out Garrick long enough for Argie to be alone with Finn, Witt, Elainas, Drake, and a bunch of abolitionists led by a guy named Justinian. Finn managed through blind luck to mess up a spell Argie was casting, and the castle stereotypically came tumbling down. The only key players to die were Argie and Kal, although Justinian broke his legs.

After a short time spent recovering, Elainas, Witt, and a now one eyed Finn (thanks to the late Argnoth's surgery) went to clan Malara, where Ambassador Elainas had been summoned before the whole rescue attempt.

The Council of Elders were apparently not too thrilled that Elainas had tried to commit the Syl in the war against Chaos, and disowned her.

Now the 3 are journeying to find and help Stana, the Chosen of Earth.

Quirks: Finn has the power to enter Tel'aran'rhiod (The world of dreams) when he sleeps, but has not done so in months due to Kedmar's increasing influence.

It had been said there could be no way for him to survive on his own when he was blind, but Finn has been proving himself to be quite resourceful. Couple that with his newfound power to enter Tel'aran'rhiod (the dream world) and the mysterious machinations of the writer, Aaron, and he can hold his own. Sometimes.

He'll react to slavers (Guild members OR slave owners) in one of two ways. If he thinks he can kick their butts, he'll try to. If he doesn't think he can, he'll run away. He never wants to be a slave again.

It's possible that Finn has some (almost negligible) elvish ancestry, thus accounting for his white hair and other features. He lacks the pointed ears or any special power attributes to elves, however.

Since he started off not able to do much else, Finn listens a lot. He's often overlooked, so he occasionally hears something interesting. This means he's got a fairly good idea of the rules, cultures, and attitudes of the surrounding area. He'll be a good guide to the RPG verse for any characters sucked in from another world.

Motivation: Finn's got a few things he's planning to get done...

1.) Find and help Stana and the others on the side of order.

2.) Somehow repay his debt to Elainas, as she's given up so much to help him.

3.) Stay alive / free, especially if anyone finds out he's an escaped slave.

4.) Find some way to heal Witt's throat. Finn still feels guilty about the fact that he's half healed but Witt is still at square one.


This character is ©2000 by Aaron "Spiffy" Smith.