Galon Blueblade

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Name: Galon Blueblade


Age: 18


Height: 5' 7 inch


Appearance: Short, neatly combed black hair. Brownish eyes. Chubby and

immature face. A quite big waist. Have a big smile.


Hobbies: Talking to self (and Gale), writing, sketching, reading and

listening to stories.


Fav. Food: Chicken meat and beef.


Disliked Food: Pork


Like: Food, stories, children, haggling, sleeping, bathing, smiling,

listening and talking to self.


Dislike: Most magic users, blood, getting into fights, responsibilities,

large crowd, tangle relationship, complicated situation, training fighting

moves and thinking too much.


Fav. Drink: Tea


Dislike Drink: Anything alcoholic


Skills: Taking notes, mending wounds, carrying luggage, home guarding and



Fears: Undead, ghosts and bloodbath


Traits: Cheerful. Slow physically and mentally. Irresponsible and happy go

lucky. Trustful and too straightforward in his manner. He tried to be the

good guy all the time. Very bad in social life and always talk in lengthy

sentences. Hardworking and obedient. Low self-esteem and a bit shy.


Strength: Normal but he can boost it a little with his Chi energy. His

endurance is good since he had done a lot of carrying in his later

childhood and early teenage.


Distinguishing Mark: His big smile. If one keeps count, all the scars that

he has hidden under his shirt and trousers.


Clothes: Usually he wears brown short-sleeves shirt, equally brown trousers

and a belt plus a leather bag.


Weapons: Two tonfa batons (police batons)


Items In Bag: shaving knife, hair scissors, notebooks, writing utensils,

many clothes, potions and food.


Fighting Skill: Chi Push (novice level), he is able to add extra strength

in his attacks by channeling the Chi in his body. Galon uses this to help

him sleep as it comforts him. Other skills are written in one of his books

but he had forgotten how to perform them.


Disadvantage: Easily forgets anything other than what's written in his

books (even people's name). Slow, his weight pulls him down most of the

time. He takes a long time to understand something's complicated. Sometimes

depends too much on his book for information. Follow strictly what was

thought to him by his parents, elders and his Sifu. Never killed anyone

intentionally, even if the other person was the most evil character in the

world. Even in battle he tries to fight without hurting the other person.

Too easily to trust just anyone. The unpredictable Gale. He has very

limited understanding of the real world.


Motivating Factor: Anything that could cure him of Gale is the first thing

in his list. Money is second, to support his living and buy lots of

clothes, potion and food. Third, if its' a grand adventure, he wants to

write it down in his book. Fourth, he does anything to get a friend (since

he's so lonely).


Alternate Character Profile

Name: Gale

Appearance: Wild, short black hair. His eyes are all red but the pupils are black. His body is very muscular and reddish in color. His teeth have fangs.

Like: Water

Dislike: Any magic user and any weapon wielder.

Strength: Normal. He has good speed that he uses to his advantage but it only lasts for about half an hour.

Purpose In Live: First, to kill all living magic user. Second, to survive. But he will try to kill the magic user closest to him even if it kills him (survival comes his mind only when there's no magic users around)

Known Time of Appearance: When Galon is or have been in 5-meter radius of a person who he is consciously knows or guesses as a magic user. He also appears went Gale is knocked unconscious, but on rare occasions. Sometimes if the person revealed himself as a magic user, no matter how far, Galon would change to Gale. If Galon were at the receiving end of any spell (fireball or even healing), he would change to Gale.

Disadvantage: Doesn't think at all. He's only moved on instinct and nothing else. He will even attack a fellow friend in this form. He's very vulnerable in this form. Only water could calm him down and change him back to Galon or after a long period of peace and silence. If he were knocked unconscious, Gale would also turn back to Galon.


Galon was borne in a castle to the far northeast of Jiran, among the mountain regions. He's father was one of the castle's cooks and his mother was one of the butchers. Since there are not many other children in the castle, he was taken good care off by almost everyone. His parents always played with him and taught him how to read and write. He even befriended with the castle's owner, Deimos.

One day, when he was 10, a group of heroes came with Deimos's rival, Phaleon, leading them. They stormed the castle and killed most of the inhabitant while Phaleon fought with Deimos. Deimos fends him off but not easily. Seeing his followers are being killed, Deimos tried to run away but found Galon standing mutely near the corpses of his parent. For some unknown reason, Deimos stopped and began a magic ritual on Galon. But he was killed halfway through the steps and that cause a disturbance in the ritual, creating Gale for the first time. Easily Phaleon stopped the raging child and was about to kill him if not for a fighter from the heroes' group.

The fighter, a mysterious man called Dragon (whom he called Sifu or teacher), took Galon under his protection and raised him among the group. Traumatized, Galon seems unconcerned that he was living with his parent's murderer though he keeps his distance form other members of the group. Most of the group member hated him and tortured him endlessly, but he would smile and walked past them. Meanwhile, Phaleon kept a close watch on him from far.

During this time, he was given the task to help Dragon with his equipment (he has to carry it). A bond began between them and Dragon began to felt sorry for Galon. He began to teach Galon in his way of fighting but, even as hard as he tried; Galon only manages to learn a few moves. Gale continued to appear time by time and Galon kept waking up with more and more wounds. It's this time he learnt the arts of healing from the group's healer, Rachel. But, being a magic user Rachel can get close to Galon, so she taught him through Dragon. Rachel named Galon's transformation Gale, in reference to the speed Galon possessed in that form.

When the group is on the move, Gale would carry some of the luggage that others have. When the group would go for quests, Galon would stay back at the tavern guarding their belonging. He never left their rooms to avoid meeting a magic user in the tavern. So he always spends his time alone. When Dragon comes back hurt, he would mend his wounds. This continued for quite some time until he found a quill. Soon he began writing and drawing in books that he begged Dragon to buy. Not lonely anymore, Galon only wish was to be rid of Gale.

After 8 years tagging along with the party, Galon finally realized that he was not important to the group. He decided to look for ways to cure himself of Gale alone. Dragon was proud of him and wished him luck while Rachel silently prayed for him. In the shadows, Phaleon watched him like hawk looking at a prey as he walks away from the group.

Expectation: Galon would never find the cure for Gale, but he manages to get limited control of Gale appearance. He would also have to fight his feeling about bloodshed and relearn all of Dragon's moves in order to survive. Though he relearns, he tendencies to avoid fights still continued. He would make a few wonderful friends in his life. He would learn to be more quiet, adaptable and wiser. Finally he would come in terms with Deimos, Phaleon, Gale and himself.


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