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6' 1"


175 - 180 lbs


Dark Brown - Conservative Cut




Dark Brown




Ignorance, Hypocracy, People who make claims and can not back them up with any substantial argument. People who attack his integrity. People who say my profile isn't good enough....=), and Whiny, petulant, screaming, obstinant, loud Children...especially in a public place(ie Resteraunt or Store) Due to past experience, Paul views most children in this way.


Pouffy Hair - this is due to the sheer volume of the hair and the fact that is grows straight. It is most prevelent in the mornings when he wakes up.

Alphabetizing - Paul becaomes somewhat anal retentive when it comes to certain materials being in order. This ranges from Magic: The Gathering (tm) cards to soda in the fridge.

Eats...A lot.....Gains NO weight.

Short Fuse - This primarly shows when someone is yelling at him, double it if the person yelling is percieved to be guilty of one of the Dislikes list.


Self - Image - For the most part, Paul has a positive image of himself, and some think it is too positive and see him as having a really big Ego. What these people do not know is that there are things in Paul's life that he does not have such a positive view of himself in. However, Paul only discussing these things with a select group of people. In the RPG, only Teri is in that group.

Rumors - While rumors are spread about most people, they seem to multiply like rabbits about Paul.

(Note: This list may be appendend as I come to think of more bad things about me.)


Alrighty Now. The following list are attributes. Next to them is a number that rates where I am on a scale from 1 to 20. With each

atribute I will give a brief explination.Attribute: (Definition/Description) - Score # - Making

realtionships you can useStrength: (This is the measure of muscle, endurance and stamina) - 12

- With a strength of 12, this means that I am able to lift no more than 140 lbs over my head in a bench press, can carry 40lbs of wieght on my person before I become "encumbered" I have a 7 out of 20 chance to

break down doors and a 4% chance to bend bars/lift gates.Dexterity: (This encompasses Hand-eye coordination, agility, reaction speed, reflexes, and balance.) - 17 - Having a Dexterity of 17 means I am not too often surprised when I encounter something surprising (+2), That I have a natural ability to use a missle weapon with a small

bonus (+2), and decent and dodging attacks such as punches and kicks and other things like Lightning bolts and boulders (-3)Constitution: (This is descriptive of physique, fitness, health, and physical resistance to hardship, injury, and disease.) - 15 - WIth a constitution of 15, I have a 90% chance to survive magical effects

that reshape or age my body, this does not prevent the effect from taking place it just means that I have that percentage to survive the ordeal; Also, if, for some reason I should die and be brought back to life, I have a 94% chance to survive that ordeal, in addition, I can only be ressurected 15 times and eachtime that I do get resurected, my constitution goes down by one point.Intelligence: (This represents memory, reasoning, and learning abilities, including areas outside those measured by the written word.) - 17 - This means that I have the ability to learn 6 languages in addition to english, being that is that language I was brought up with (See note *1*), If I decide to persue magic in the new RPG, I have a

75% chance of learning new spells, There are 9 spell levels in magic, the highest level I could achieve would be level 8 and I would at most be able to know 14 spells per level which is not a lot considreing there are hundreds of spells out there.Wisdom: (This describes a composite of enlightenment, judgment, guile, willpower, commmon sense, and intuition...or in other words knowledge base.) - 16 - The only additional thing I can give for this is that I have a small bonus to resisting magical spells that effect the mind,

ie. Charm, Fear, Hypnosis, Illusions, etc. (+2)Charisma: (This measures persuasiveness and personal magnetism. Does

not measure physical attractivness although attractivness certainly plays

a role.) If you need further description of this just ask.


Here is the section in which I attempt to give back ground information and describe my personality and what not.

Paul was born in Gettysburg, Pa, closing in on 21 years ago. He went to a very small grade school which only consisted of 42 students encompassing grades K through 6. In this school, it was part of curiculum to learn Polish, being it was a Polish Catholic Church School...(*note 1* Because Paul spent 7 years learning this language, even though he can no longer speak it fluently, he could pick it up rather quickly if he needed too. See next *Note* for further languages) Grade school is where Paul developed his sense compitition. Paul loved to play games on the school yard and liked it even more when he won, and would always try his hardest to win, but would not cheat. Those who did cheat really upset Paul. For example, Whenever they wanted to play a game like dodgeball, the "boys" wanted the teams to be "boys vs. girls". Now, Paul didn't see this as being very fair, Because the boys in the school were, in general, more atheletic than the girls, so, in order to make things more fair, Paul would play on the Girls team and often times, help them to win.

Paul ventured on through Middle and High School not very happy with either. Throughout the years, Paul developed skills in many different areas, becomming a Jack of All Trades type...Between Sports of all types to writing to eventually performing Paul developed skills to working in the school library and even participating in Mock Trial as a prosecuting Attorney....His grades in school where always decent at very least, he never studied or did homework but always managed to get A's and B's

During High School Paul took 3 years of Spanish. (*note* Once this point in time Paul does not speak fluently, he does know enough to get around and if started studying again could get back to fluency level.)

Paul is currently finishing his third year in college studying Theatre hoping to one make an inpact on a large scale in the theatre community. In College is where Paul learned stage combat, and even though stage combat is supposed to be safe, Paul has used the knowledge of wound placement and how to strike safely to learn how to use some of this in a real combat situation...Just ask Spiffy ;)

Paul will be sucked into the RPG with Teri during her visit to KU


This character is © by Paul.