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Name: Quinn

Age: 16

Eyes: Black

Hair: Violet

Height: 5"10'

Image: His hair is very long and reaches down to his lower back, and some say Quinn looks like a girl here, but he doesn't really care. Many years in a dark cell has given Quinn very pale white skin and shallow impenetrable eyes. He had inherited the calm, intelligent expression of the face and eyes of his aristocratic parents, and this gives him the silent, mysterious air around him. He is tall, of medium build and wears these long sleeves and pants that seem too large for his size, and brown leather shoes.

Personality: Quinn is rather shy and awkward with other people, familiar or not, although he really tries to socialize. Withdrawn and secretive, he never reveals much about himself, although he can be quite open with his closest friends. He is indifferent, and often the last to be affected by events, or maybe just simply dense. He shows very little emotion, oftentimes seen with the passive expression of his face and he has a hard time expressing his feelings. He knows his faults as a weak character, and also won't fight when he knows he cannot win. He learns fast, either from others, experience or books and knows very much(he spent 8 years of his life studying in Mage libraries) and he uses this advanced knowledge to his advantage.

Abilities: Being weak in physical terms, the only type of combat that Quinn knows is a style of self-defense similar to Aikido, which will be mostly useless at the first part. To compensate for this disadvantage, Quinn developed a very strong psionic sense. Relying mainly on his flute to awaken his hidden powers, mostly spirit based, specific chords should be learned and successfully played to bring out a specific ability. These chords are etched in Quinn's memories, but it may take a while for him to remember them. Whenever he masters a certain chord, its corresponding ability becomes an innate ability. Mastering the flute lets him innovate his own chords and skills.

Future abilities include an ability to interact with the essences of life or the spirit. One example is he may animate an object by placing a spirit inside it, making it "live". At present, Quinn can have a vague look into a person's soul and determine their alignments. He also has a weak, low level psi shield which can grow stronger and expand at will when he attains higher levels. As of now, much of these powers can only be used in a very limited time, and if it goes beyond this limit, Quinn will fall into a trance-like state where his mind tries to recover.

The greater part of his powers still lie on the origin, which is connected to the immortal souls of the Seraphs. If he is able to regain his memories and unlock the secrets of his flute, he may be able to use these as the keys to access the powers of the Divine.


Quinn grew up in his parents bustling mansions in the prosperous city state of Phreaya. Since he was born, Quinn mysteriously developed schizophrenia. The origin of his sickness is unknown, but it was said to have some connection to the fact that he had been a divine offering to the heavens by his religious parents. His mother had told him that he was different from others and that he would know his true essence when the right time comes. Quinn's father made it a point to propagate his son's education at such an early age. Quinn studied under the teaching of his father's advisors, and developed a love for reading. He also took lessons in playing the flute under a young instructor.

Due to the extensive power and influence that his parents possessed as rulers of Phreaya, it was inevitable for them to have enemies and envious next of kin who would jump at every opportunity to seize the throne. One day, when Quinn was arriving home from a psychological treatment at Reiki, a powerful, sinister force not even the mansion's numerous guards could stop attacked the place and set it on fire, with his parents inside.

Upon arriving at the scene, witnessing the fiery crimson blaze up in his home and the thought of his parents who were inside was too much for the mind of the young 6 year old. The mansion was burned to ashes and his parents bodies were never found.

Quinn was unable to welcome the tragic events and was shocked with trauma, and later he worsened into a psychologically paralyzed state where all he did was sit and stare, more dead than alive. Wishing to be rid of the sole heir of the family of Phreaya his parents enemies used Quinn's state as an opportunity to isolate the child from society by sending him to the Asylum of Garun for "treatment". After two years in catatonia, Quinn woke up, oblivious to everything that has happened around him, his memory erased. For the next six years Quinn pretended to still be catatonic, sneaking around the asylum for information, from conversations he would overhear, the study he devoted himself to in the Mage libraries and everything that his senses permitted him to discover.

Quinn, now armed with his knowledge, a flute he cannot use and some vague pools of memories plans to break out of the asylum, to set out in search for the truth.


One thing that has remained with him despite his amnesia is the fear of deep water where not only drowning was the enemy but his belief of creatures who lurk about in the water, grabbing and pulling down some unsuspecting swimmer. Since he's only new to the outside world, he's very curious and tends to have a bad habit of going through another persons stuff and the like. Due to his idle days in the Asylum, Quinn is sometimes lazy and would sleep in the strangest occasions/positions/duration. As his experience grows, his appetite does too. Unlike others who pass out whenever they use too much of their energy, Quinn goes into trances, the duration depending on how much energy was exhausted.


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