R-2 Dinnan

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Name: R-2 Dinnan (Raymond II actually, but only really responds to R-2)

Age: 21

Race: Human


Short brown hair, dark blue eyes, Has a southern accent and an eyebrow (just 1). He wears no jewelry. Wears loose, comfortable clothes (jeans and t-shirts, and will end up getting a fat, thick pair of glasses. He's 5'7" with a fairly stocky build.


He is an okay fighter, probably able to go toe to toe with Joe Average-bandit, but would get whooped by someone who seriously knew how to fight. He's good at running away, though. Has a fairly impressive knowledge of useless trivia that occasionally has its uses, particularly in the area of hard sciences When he comes to Narada, he will develop the power of Empowerment. Empowerment is an ability to imbue items with power.

It will start out being minor powers, like a faint glow or a slightly sharper edge. As the power grows, more powerful enchantments can be placed into an item. A second, related power will a sort of 'telemechanics.' This power provides several advantages when working with machines.

First, it provides a blueprint of the machine. Secondly, it provides an ablility to work with machines at an increased rate (i.e. he fixes/builds things faster). These powers start out small and will gradually impove with use (blueprint ability may give him improvements on the designs; working power may give him a limited TK for use with machines only).

There are two limitations on his powers. First, the power does not provide parts. This also goes for the Empowerment ability. He can't make something from nothing. The telemechanic power suffers another limitation as well --the technological level of Narada itself. Unless he finds someplace that has technology past small variations on the six basic machines, it will not be able to develop very much at all.

General Personality:

Cheerful and relatively laid-back, but quiet most of the time. Has a tendency to be oblivious to what's going on occasionally, and is really good at selectively tuning things out. He also still does not consider himself to be 'grown-up' (it is said that as one ages one acquires more responsiblilities; he's done a good job of evading such things).


The accent. Has an odd sense of humor, and a lousy sense of comic timing. Has an ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) problem as well.


R-2 has two flaws. First one is that he is quite legally blind without corrective lenses. The second is that he is also half deaf, with no knowledge of sign whatsoever. Since his ability to understand others (without them shouting) is strongly dependent on visual cues (lip reading), he has to be able to see the speaker to comprehend them.

Motivating Circumstances:

Initially it is to get a pair of glasses, since he lost his contacts. After that, he'll probably break down and get an earhorn, or rig some facsimile of one up. He'll constantly be on the look out for other cures for either of his perception problems Once that order of business is taken care of, he's going to try to enjoy himself, maybe trying to make a profit off of some odd bit of trivia that he knows (Electricity by bicycle!). Eventually, he'll consider trying to find a way to get back home.

Past History:

R-2 grew up in a little town in the middle of Arkansas. He got tagged with 'R-2' early in life and just plain hears 'R-2' so much better than 'Raymond,' that eventually, everyone called R-2. He was born with his hearing loss and developed his vision problems by the age of 7.

He had an uneventfully life all through high school. He graduated and went to a college in a nearby city and became a chemistry major. At the time he ends up in Narada, he's just resigned himself to yet another year in school.


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