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Name: Edana Amethyst Rowan Mysteria

Species: A pixie, a fey race...^_^V

Age: 200

Hair: Dark Red with a purplish hue. Wavy enough to be almost curly and waist length and still growing. Almost has a sparkle to it at times*anime style... um... with the hair over her right eye anime style*

Eyes: Big and Smokey blue...or blue with silver highlights. Almost too big to be real *think clamp style* distinguishing characteristics: Almost has an ethereally pale fair skin tone that tends to sun burn easily. She has a beauty mark right below the right corner of her mouth and a heart shaped mole at the corner of her left eye. Her hair will seem to be like fire under the right light.(In pixie form, has butterfly type wings.)

Height: in human form-4'8" in pixie: 3"

Build: hour-glass

Jewelry: A small silver circlet which circules her forehead to keep her hair held back or a silver cord to pull it out of her way with a purple crystal jeweled face drop (sort of india-styled hinduism thingie...or islmaic style...*Shrugs*) a pair of silver earings and a purple ribbon around her throat as a choker with a silver celtic cross attached to it.

Clothing: Normally tight fitting pants with a knee-to mid thigh length wrap tunic top over a tight fitting shirt, or a floor length dress. Has a bow with a quiver.

Etc: is actually a pixie, and can shape shift to combine pixie and human features, but is always pale.


Present: Rudimentary healing-herbs with some magick at times... fae magick with a fire and water basis, not much tho... can create weak shields or put out camp fires or give someone a hotfoot, hot seat or drench them...(in semi-fae form) archer-has good aim and a decent distance... but not an expert by anymeans.

Future: She'll become a slight shapeshifter until she can resume her pixie form once more....

Healing: By time gains pixie form will have reached healing ability of where can heal most burns, cuts, and non-life threatening injuries without herbs... everything else will still be learning...

Fae fire and water focus: Will be able to do stronger shields and maybe some other varied spells thru fae magick but still not at peak of powers until regains pixie form.

Archery: Will improve distance and accuracy... but that's 'bout it.

General Personality: Cheerful, she's the ever required Genki charcter. She's rather child-like and childish at times since basically, she's still considered a child by pixie standards. however, will have a semi-quick temper at times that'll flare up and then all will be forgotten. Is fun loving and caring, if at times reckless.

Quirks: Has a temper that will flare up over strange things at times. Acts like a child alot, well a child trying to grow up that is, will choose fun and play over responsiblity and work if given a choice and will play jokes, tricks, and pratical jokes on anyone and be hurt if they don't laugh. Allergic to steel, and a fondness for a substance called cacao (or whatever you want to call choclate) and sweet things.

major: She's childish. Tends to slack off on work for fun and will run off and do something with out thinking it through first. Plus, she's got this allergy to steel, to be nicked with it in a spot close to a vital organ could kill her, any where else could cause severe sickness.
minor: Loves to play tricks, pranks, etc... often does this at bad times and is hurt when others don't understand them. Hates cleaning up anything, slightly spoilt seeming at times.

Good Points: She can cook (hates it, but still), she's always willing to help someone out (as long as fun is involved somehow), and is kind most of the time.

Motivating Circumstances: She wants to be able to regain her pixie form, so she'll be considered an adult pixie and can go home. She's taking the coming of age test/task since her mother wants her to be considered an adult so the other pixies can choose between her and her older brother who is going to be their next ruler.

History: She's being forced through the coming of age task too early to appease her mothers wishes. The Pixie Queen is getting old and wishes to vacate her thrown to one of her children. However, since only her son is considered an "adult" she pushes Vivian into the task early so the people can vote, as per the custom amongst the Pixies. Aidan's still slightly resentful of this at times and sets out in hopes of finishing it quickly so she can return home. She's a princess and tends to seem to forget that it might not count outside her home much, but it doesn't bug her, much that is, when others don't treat her accordingly.


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