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I run the world info site, to start with. Not that I actually would go running a travel service in real life. I have more important things to do....such as, I'm studying to become an engineer. At the moment, I intend to 1) build wings. 2) build an army of robots to take over the world. When it happens, I'll let you know. 3) actually finish my next post!

But I guess I can do this first. So, um....yeah, I run that world info site, AKA Estela's Narada Travel Service. My name isn't actually Estela, it's Emily, but some people call me Estela so that's close enough. And my character is Estela. sort of. ((confused yet?)) If you want to know what I look like or anything else about me (except that I'm 18, I'm not sure how old that makes Estela-character exactly), you can look at her profile, cause I'm too lazy to write it twice. Might I add that the Estela of the Narada Travel Service is not precisely the same as me or the character. At least not at the Present Time according to the story so far. ((how 'bout now?))

so, um....if you ever see a girl flying around with wings and some odd contraption on her head.... it's probably me. And the world will probably be mine very shortly. ^_^ Ja ne!


Email Estela at Estelachan@aol.com.