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Hi. My full name is Ian Stewart McCarthy Chongson. My dad is aFilipino-Chinese, and my mom is an American. I'm 15, and the eldest ofthree children, my sister Christine and my youngest brother, Ross. Started High School Last year, and am going on to my Sophomore year in Xavier School. My hobbies include anime (which my family thinks I watch too much of, but how can you have too much anime!^_^), surfing the Web, and attempting to finsh up a new Gundam model. I enjoy drawing, but it usually gets me in trouble, since most of my drawing takes place during another of my teachers boring lectures! I don't hate school, but there is only so much you can take of Algebra and Physics, you know? Anyhow baseball is my main sport interest, though I did take a small course in Karate, but quit because I got sick of repeating the same drills over and over again (now you know how I came up with my character!). I love the ocean and am a certified diver, something me and my dad have in common. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, we don't get winter (a mixed blessing, if you don't have airconditioning) so I get to go to the beach every month! I am very glad to have been accepted into this RPG, and by God I'm gonna do my best! See ya.


Email Ian at shinjikintaro@hotmail.com.