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Hi! I'm R-2 Dinnan. I'm currently a professional student at a small university in central Arkansas. I'm a chemistry major, mostly because I was too stubborn to realize that I should've been a biology major until there was no point in me changing majors. However, by the time it's looking like I'm gonna graduate, I'll end up double majoring in chemistry and biochemistry just because I won't have to take any additional classes.

Outside of school, my hobbies are reading, writing, role-playing, and anime (geek-boy, that's me!).

My full name is Raymond Aristides Dinnan II. Hence, R-2. My parents were big on Star Wars, and they tagged me with R-2 when I was little, since my dad's name is the same, minus the II. Being half deaf, I've sorta conditioned myself to hear R-2 better than Raymond, to the point that pretty much everyone calls me that, just 'cause it makes me easier to deal with.


E-mail R-2 at daymorn@hotmail.com.