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What to say about myself? I'm spunky and mischevious and eccentric, with a slight taste for the occult. If I were to be a vampire, I would be a Toreador. Or Pandora.

I'm a Mutable-Water elemental-- a Pisces born on March 5th, the Day of Heaven and Hell. (read any good astrology book for more delicious bits of info on this). Like my birthday suggests, mine is a dual-nature.

At the moment I'm oscillating between my love of Art (Theater, watercolor, doodling, singing), and my love of Power (Business, World Domination....Ok, so I've a slight case of Megalomania). But whatever the future, I know I'll be scathingly rich and famous one day: either as a brilliant and honest actress, a Dominique-esque C.E.O., Dictator of the World, or the troubled and spiritual artist-wife of some scathingly rich and famous man.

Want to know more? Tough, I don't need a harem anymore. =P


Email Teri at techamp@vassar.edu.