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Timothy (Tim or Timmy as my Mother use to call me) Oneal Coffelt Like Spiffy and others in the group I am a Christian.

I was born in Seymour, Indiana. January 8, 1959. I am 40 years old, if I did the math right.

I have a beautiful wife named Carolyn who I married 20 years ago.

I have three very different daughters:

Cynthia Starr is 18, starting college this summer.

Laura Jean is 14, she is 6 foot tall.

Rebekah Marie is 9, she gets all of the academic awards.

I am a chemist (Phosphor is part of me) in a pharmaceutical company.

I am a technical writer. I write procedures for chemical tests as part of my job. I am published. In college I wrote a book of poetry that sold ~200 copies (I bought 16 of them, stupid, I know).

Some of my chemistry papers are published.

I have two cats, Schnook and Allie.

My favorite pet of all time is Cody, my French basset hound.

I play games such as "Betrayal in Antara", "Lords of the Realm II", "Caesar" to name a few.

I love Anime. I have watched it for years. I have been to Japan and seen some of the culter that developed this art-form. I have a fellow chemist in another company that use to ship me Amine from Japan.

The producers would have English subtitles back then. I love science fiction. I have written two sci-fi books.


Email Tim at tcclr@hotmail.com.