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Watts Isnaim

That's me! What else do you want to know? Looks? Well, I'm 5'7'', slim, dark, dark brown hair (some will try to say black, but it isn't), brown eyes, and a short mustache, if you must know!

Hmm? Why did I join the FARPG? You do ask strange questions! Well, a lot of the players are friends of mine from the Ranma * RPG, and I DO love to write. I thought this would be an opportunity to flex my writing muscles in a different direction. Also it gives me an excuse for any classes I fail.

What am I like? Well, I think Spiffy put it best when he said, "You're even weirder than I am!" ... Yes, he did too say that! Oh yes he did! Well, let me just put it to you this way. I tried to be born hands and feet first, touching my toes, and haven't gotten straightened out since. Is that good? See, now you believe he said that.

You want to know my hobbies? Well, if you want to be nosy. I write (duh), watch anime, surf the net, draw, paint, sculpt, cook, and I'm the live-in serf for my parents.

You want to know what? Nope, not going to tell.... not that ether.... PLEASE what kind of person do you think I am!?! Ok, ok.... once but that's it, next question. Your out for now? Well, if you think of any e-mail me.


Email Watts at WatIsnaim@aol.com.