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24 human years

Equine appearance:

16 hands tall Sea foam white body. Legs are golden in color reaching up and blending gently into the white of his main body. In the gold are a zebra strip pattern of black. The Zebra pattern repeats itself on his face circling around his eyes in a "v" pattern. But this stops at the ears. Cloven hooves and dark mirrorlike eyes. Alicorn is an ivory color ridged with gold. The horn is wicked sharp but the corkscrew edges are smooth and rounded.

Human appearance:

5'8 male. Untidy Brown hair and eyes. solid build. Carries a scar on his forhead and a slight bump that can be hidden under his unruly mop of hair.


Can only speak in his human form, so he must shapechange in order to communicate with others . Young and impetuous and very very cocky. His condesation to other forms of life will lead him into trouble more than once.

His horn has full healing properties but as he is young any usage weakens him terribly, and must be incredibly infrequent. Healing minor injuries causes slight discomfort-and the greater the injury the greater the afteraffects. The healing-again-his health is affected proportionately to the injury he is going at. A bruise or a cut would prolly give him a headache, anything more than that would render him steadily weaker. The most he could do without knocking himself out for a week would be to heal a broken leg or arm and even healing a broken leg would put him in lala land for a day or two.

As a human he has noooo fighting skill to speak of, no magic, and no healing. Hence he's super vulnerable. Plus he thinks humans are generally scum so he'd change sparingly. Here's where his cockiness comes into play-- in order to communicate, he has to turn human, which is not only a blow to the ego, but also makes him extremely weak... however, if he just remains in equine form, he's mute.


Hatched from an egg, Clip was raised to be a gaurdian Unicorn. The gaurdian are a breed apart-pledged to protect the Unicorn princess from all harm and corruption. He forsook this task-becoming an Oathbreaker. He left the Herd in shame, not to return until he redeemed himself. This could be done in two ways:

1> Return and take the Oath to protect the Unicorn Princess. Then take up his responsibilities as Gaurdian.

2> Good works done not out of the need to be accepted back, but from a genuine desire to help others.

Only the first way would alow him full status. The second path would allow him a "skirter" status. He would be allowed near the herd-but not in it. Currently Oathbreakers are killed on sight-once it is confirmed there is no repentance in them.


Equine Razor sharp hooves and the Alicorn. Natural immunity to magic-although again he is young.

About the Magical immunity: Being a creature of magic he cancels out direct magic. This is in his equine form only, as the horn is the center of his power. In his human form there is but a bump in his forehead. The immunity protects him from direct attack but not indirect attack. Thus a creature of magic could rip him apart-but a mage bolt wouldn't. It could conceivably injure him severly. However, this ability exists only within the herd, as it is born of a sort of Group mentality type thing, or within his home forest-area. Otherwise, since becoming an Oathbreaker, he has lost his immunity to magical attacks.

Human a short sword used with little skill, as he underestimated humans he sees little need to develope any talent.


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