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Name: Floramel Dunsworth


Gender: Female

Appearance: Floramel has the housewife's slender and fragile body. She has white, fair skin and long blonde hair which is tied by a ribbon near the end. Though she could not be considered a very beautiful person, she is pleasant to look at. She also carries a commanding aura around her.

Distinguishing mark: She's the type that doesn't stand out from the crowd, but you'll know her when you see her.


She's the kind of person who always wants to in command of things. She will lie, cheat or act to get things going her way. The only things that are in her mind saving saving herself from harm and being in control. She's always confident of herself and sees other as tools for her use. When things get out of her hands, she goes to a state of panic where she reveals her true self and thinks only of her own survival. She pities those who are bullied or physically-challenged but only help them discretely. She also loves to be the center of attention. The only person who she really cares about other than herself is her father.


People who follows her orders, things going her way, jewelries, sexy men, geting attention.


Wizards, bullies, hard beds, getting dirty, loud noises.


Daughter of Drende and Maglenia Dunsworth, she was considered a good luck charm for her family (for being normal since her father is almost a midget). She was pampered and loved very much by her family. When her mother died however, her life turned for the worse. Her father turned all of his attention to his bussines and paid less attention to her. She followed her father's footsteps by being more selfish and greedy. When her father became the mayor, through trickery and lies, the Mistlord turned the familiy upside down with his demands. Not only she had to lie and cheat the villages to accept the dissappearance cause the Mistlords, she also was introduced to the protocols she must follow due to her position. But she acceptd that kind of life for her father's sake. When her father realized that she could be the next victim, he secretly sent messages to find help. It was her father's greatest act of love that she held dearly till this very day.


Galon - After the big moron saved her, she knew Galon cared for her, so she uses this to her advantage. Futhermore due to his low intellect, it's easy to manipulate him.

Aurin - The Elohim terrifies her. Even if she gets over her fear of Aurin's other self, she'll never trust him.


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