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Name: Garrick (Teutonic for "mighty warrior")


Hair color/length: dark brown, almost black. cut short and simple.

Height: @6ft Build: medium Age: Undetermined. Possibly mid- to late- twenties.

Eyes: Icy blue, almost to the point that his gaze is disturbing.


A living tool, Garrick was trained since birth to do whatever he was told by his master, and was given the means to do so. While he has no magical ability, he is incredibly perceptive, skilled in martial arts, many weapons (although he prefers stilettos weighted for throwing), and espionage.

General Personality:

Garrick has no life other than to serve. He may appear personable to someone if that's what's needed to get the job done, but otherwise he has no care for the world around him or himself, except to complete the task at hand.


Something in the way he carries himself makes most people wary of him. Not afraid, just wary. Like a wolf that one wasn't fully sure had been domesticated.

Flaws: to be created as he is written about further.

Motivating Circumstances:

To do whatever he is ordered to.

Past History:

Born and raised a slave, the desire to obey his master in all things has been imprinted in him since childhood by the slavers guild, and has been reinforced by powerful spells.

Garrick was purchased by Argnoth, the same wizard who once owned Finn, for an outrageous amount of money. Because of the number of successful missions, Argnoth believes that Garrick has more than paid for himself already.

His last assignment was to find Finn and return the escaped slave to Argnoth alive, which he completed.


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