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Lieh is a woman of about 5'8, long of limb and pale of skin. Out of armor (though none have ever seen her so) she would appear delicate, but in truth she is incredibly strong and swift. Lieh has ice-blonde hair and pale colored eyes, often thought to be a light blue. She wears the Dark Armor as a second skin, and moves with purpose.

Lieh is a member of the Ghanril's army, and one of his staunchest followers.

Not much is known about the Ghanril, and little more known about Lieh... yet. She began the story as a Commander of her own special detatchment of the Ghanril's forces, used on important, secret missions.

Lieh's troops are well disciplined, efficient fighting machines. They waste no time in debauchery, laziness, or idleness. They are constantly alert, and have learned to follow Lieh's command within seconds. Lieh is one of the only female Commanders in the Ghanril's army, and she harbors a deep resentment towards men. To her they are primitive, predictable beings of lesser intelligence, will power, and discipline. Her troops may prove the exception to her rule, but Lieh wastes no time on praise. Her men follow her out of respect, dedication, and fear.

Lieh was raised to the position of General of the 6th Army upon the Passing of General Murdoch. The Passing is a ceremony in which one person tortures the other to death, and in doing so, attempts to glean as much important information as possible he or she can use in becoming a great general. Lieh is one of the best at performing the Passing, though Murdoch's was the first time she used that talent to raise her position; all others had been merely to gather experience and information.

Her second-in-command is a huge soldier named Kant. He has been with Lieh for many years, and probably knows her better than anyone (which is, admittedly, not much). Kant's loyalty is unwavering, and unquestioning.

Three of Lieh's most valuable men form a strange but powerful trio. "Big", a giant soldier with virtually unlimited strength and little personal reasoning power, is the closest in mentality to a "common soldier", yet even he understands Lieh's expectations, and performs them flawlessly.

"Tall" is tall and thin, angular of feature and coiled of muscle, as opposed to "Big"'s tremendous mass. Tall has the power of light, being an 8th generation descendant from a Luminian. He can melt into shadows and form small amounts of light at will, and is also completely noiseless.

"Hooded" is utterly devoted to Lieh in the manner of a rescued, beaten puppy. Because she is the only one to never flinch at his presence (for he is some strange amalgamation of Golemn and other hideous looking creatures), his gratitude has obliterated nearly all other thought with the desire to please. His usefulness lies in his Elementalist powers.

Hooded can simulate Elementalist magic, though not, in actuality, create it as the Freylian Elementalists do. In this way, he is invaluable when dealing with magical creatures, temples, wards, or gates.

Lieh seems to be the most informed antagonist so far, with regards to the Elementals. Except, perhaps, the Ghanril. She has enlisted the help of Audion in destroying an important Water Elemental site, the Blue Heaven Springs, and intends to destroy as many of these energy sites as possible.

In addition, she is searching for the Chosen themselves. Her intentions are unknown.

Little is known about Lieh's history, and even about her present skills. She cultivates the mystery by never discussing herself to anyone, and indeed, her troops think her incapable of true human emotion. Lieh gives new meaning to the name, "Ice Queen".


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