Lyr R'Kelnin

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Name Lyr R'Kelnin

Age 26

Height 6'2

Hair Blonde

Eyes Faun (light brawnm tawny)

Build Athletic

Clothing: (professional) White Tunic and breeches, red sash and high boots. Steel armour.

(off duty) Generally wears informal traveller's clothes, to blend in with middle class S'Kae. Preferred color is Brown or Blue.

History: Due to the unacknowledged affair of a former S'Kaen Queen- Lyr is a distant cousin to the current Matriarch.

Raised in an Earldom, First male of the family. A pleasant baby, and obedient son.

When offered the choice of the Army, Monostary, or political position, R'Kelnin took up the sword.

His rise through the ranks were methodical, and he was noted often for his cool under pressure and ability to assess situations quickly and respond. Not of a disposition to rush, he will not be easily goaded into hasty decisions.

Lyr was not one of the flashiest of Knights, keeping a low profile and getting the job done were more important than playing to the masses. This lack of active lobbying for position hindered his career against others. Best known for the Battle against the Red army, before he was even a Captain in the Army of Steel. After he recovered from his wound there, he scoured the battlefield to personally seperate his men from the invaders and grant the soldiers a proper pyre. He and his two top men then searched down the victim's families to report the news personally, often returning whatever personal artifacts the soldier had had.

He is not one to hold a grudge, and his meteoric rise to General of the Army of Steel was nothing less than amazing, including to him. He did the best he could, repelling the invasion of S'Kae, and smuggling the Earth and Fire Chosen out of Skae.

He then took his leave of the army to follow, after learning that a companion to them, Audion, had betrayed his trust.

Personality: Open and easy going. Nevertheless he will not brook disobedience once a decision has been discussed and made. Will not ask for something he would not do himself. Getting the job done is important to him, although he will later agonize over the human cost to achieve a victory. Not heroic in the romantic sense, but committed and a bit single minded in his pursuit of "justice". Bit of a philosopher, touch of flair. He has a deeply faithful side.

Career soldier through and through.

Quirks: (negatives) Has within a great rage that escapes from time to time. In these periods he is completely unapproachable. This anger is controlled fiercely and released at moments when he is alone, or off duty.

Naive, but with a cultivated air of cynicism at times. While prone to believe the best, he can often make himself expect the worst. He had learned this from a childhood of royal intrigues.

Weapons: Skilled in brawling as well as more refined fighting techniques (akin to Roman fighting) Lyr's weapon of choice is broadsword or longbow. He carries on him a "Taerin" Knife, a triangular blade with a knuckle gaurd over the back of the hand. The tip is stained red.

Motivating circumstances: General of the S'kae Army of Steel. He is bound to protect S'kae and the Chosen of prophecy.


Teri: From S'kae

Stana: From right outside S'Kae. Was to bring her to the castle, when his group was ambushed. Met later in the castle.

Clip: Same as Stana

Estela: From Skae

Tadrin: From S'Kae

Shinji: From S'Kae

Audion: From S'Kae, he captured this man within the borders and released him after with a promise extracted to protect the chosen. Lye later believed Audion betrayed him, and now is out for this one's blood.

Lieh: From S'Kae. Lyr was captured by Lieh when chasing after the Earth and Fire Chosen.

Avery S'Chatham: Known from childhood, Avery taught him alot about horse and hawks that helped Lyr become a hawkmaster.

Kade: From S'Kae. Kade joined with Lyr to capture Audion for the bounty on Audions head.

Gunther: From S'Kae. Kade joined with Lyr to capture Audion for the bounty on Audions head.

Garrick: Thwarted Garrick's first attempt to recapture Finn within S'Kae.

Elainas: From S'Kae. Lyr is a great appreciator of beauty, and grace, and she has them both. There may be a fledgeling romance here.

Finn: From S'Kae


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