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Country Rules and Changing the Map


Changing or adding to the map
Do the following by just telling Estela and Teri (please note: you may need to delete a "%20" that appears between our screennames in your "to:" field before sending.):
add minor road, small-scale geographical feature, town, city; place and name the capital of an un-named land;
name an un-named but marked town or city
Do the following by ASKING Estela and Teri:
add major road, large-scale geographical feature; name an un-named land; invent (ie, place and name) a country

Country rights
If you invent a country, you get to decide everything on it's history, religion, etc.
If you name or invent a country, you may choose the capital's name and location, and must approve location names in your country before anyone may use them.
You can waive the above rights, if you want.
Anyone may add inns, shops, shrines, farms, minor or branch temples, and the like, to any town or city or rural area.
But if someone else has country rights there, they must approve any governmental or big major cultural buildings, and the central temples of any faith or deity. If someone declares a special circumstance- such as, my country is monotheistic- they may block the placement of buildings that would normally be allowed to keep from contradicting that.

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