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Estela's Narada Travel Service


::The young woman smiles as you enter:: Welcome back again! I've got some new information for you; if you want to check on anything I told you before, just ask.
Now the news: We've decided to hang the Map of Narada right here, for convenience.

Some of the information is a little uncertain...we may have to go back and change it later, sorry for any confusion this may cause.
There isn't much other news, except for some new brochures on a few newly discovered locations-- Freylis, though that one may have a few slight mistakes yet [Teri: please ok this for command. Kit: please ok spelling] and Blue Heaven Springs-- and several older brochures have been somewhat updated. And we have begun gathering information on the history of Narada.
If you'd like to give us more information-- which would be greatly appreciated, especcially if anyone knows exactly how the currency system works outside of Freylis-- instructions are over there. ::she points::
I've got some new info to put in, and some of my agents need to be checked with, so unless you need anything else, I'll talk to you next time you're here. Clear Skies! ::she smiles and walks into another room.::

Claimed Nations
Manshu invented by Teri
Alari invented by Estela
Toru invented by Cindy
Madron invented by Spiffy
Myridon invented by Ian
Tashisei invented by Teri
Freylis invented by Kit

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