capital: S'Kae, on the River Road
government: monarchy, ruled jointly by the Queen and her husband, the King. They share equal power and equal weight, with the sole exception of passing the rule. Should the Queen die, the King would be relieved of his post and replaced by the new Queen. Rule passes through her bloodline to her blood heir with the most healing power, and to break a "tie," the ruling goes to the eldest. If the queen has no heirs, the rule passes to the closest female relative with healing ability. Tashisei was originally a small city of Healers, and through centuries developed into its own country. Thus, the healing blood is in most of its citizens, to some small extent. A large talent is required to become a White Mage, however, and this is fairly rare.
religion: ?
geography: a lush, moist, green country. There is a small forest one day's walk along the Long Road from the east border, a larger one called the Crying Forest two days farther along the road.
cities: Reiki, the Healing City, at the intersection of the Long Road and the River Road.
architecture: many of the biggest, most important buildings in S'Kae and in Reiki are created from an alabaster-like-stone that was created by the ancient healers of unimaginable power. Ancient Alchemists had created a special blend of rock (the formula for which is long since lost) which was manipulated with white magic to create a light-shining, almost reflective surface in the easily sculpted rock. The rest of the buildings are made of marble where available, and of white granite, or anything closely relating to the strange stone.
clothing: Embroidery is the biggest fashion in Tashisei... and colors are important too. Certain Color embroidery on the upper arms of dresses, tunics, etc., will denote occupation, rank, etc. etc.
Common colors:
white: Healers
silver: mages
brown: alchemists
army: grey
royalty: blue
The common people wear much the traditional fantasy clothing: tunics, breeches, dresses of modest material and cut... etc. etc.
notes: generally egalitarian, except that last names, property, and rule are passed down through the female line. The Royal army, called the Army of Steel so far as we know, is large and skilled (of course), comprised of fighters. There is a distinct separation between steel and magic: no mages in the army.

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