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capital: Chaiang, a major port, at the east end of the East Road (which the people of Chaiang call the West Road).
government: A panel of 7 councellors much like a mini-senate. There is no "head" councellor officially, but it is rumored that there is some major connection between the T'aoli and the Council Seven. The governmental headquarters are located in the capital city of Chaiang, a large palace building which houses the Council, various governmental employees, ambassadors, etc. etc., and also had a half of the palace for the Aoli.... the religion uses this as a second headquarters-- which is most famed for its Inquisitiors.
religion: the Aoli, really more a moral order than a religion, have recently cracked down on the presence of all other religions, leaving each of them with only one very small, heavily taxed and heavily monitored temple in the nation of Manshu. However, the Lady of Waters has a secret temple there, unknown to the Aoli, at Blue Heaven Springs.
geography: most of Manshu is dusty and dry with red dirt, though there are a few small forests including one just south of Hicho. There's a lot of packed dirt and scrubland. The coast is considerably greener.
cities: Hicho, a trade city on the Long Road, just inside the western border, home of the central temple of the Aoli.
architecture: In general is granite work, austere and strong, and very impressive. The granite has been mined specifically for an almost marble effect-- differing shades of grey can add to the beauty of stone work. The regular buildings of cities are made either with brick, or with a dark red wood that is imported through the capital city. Most wood is imported into Manshu, since with the heat, it's not needed very often, and is also hard to find in the countryside, except along coastal areas.
clothing: Typical male dress would be robes of varying lengths (at first, seemingly odd for such a warm, southern country... yet the robes can be made of a variety of materials, including a featherweight material like a cross between crepe and cotton). The robes come in two fashionable lenghts: either half-way between ankle and knee, or to mid-thigh, each belted with a colored sash. Some manner of breeches are worn underneatht he robes, regardless of length, but no shirt. Robes are traditionally long-sleved, like much of the women's clothing. The Aoli robes are floor-length, as are the ceremonial robes of the government. Women generally wear skirts or dresses, and high-heeled slippers, though split skirts and boots are available (if rather out of style), and shirts usually have long sleeves, though younger women sometimes wear sleeveless ones. Priests dress in robes, details can be found on the Aoli page.
notes: The Aoli have recently started cracking down hard on other religions, also imposing curfews, All the magic academies, and more importantly the Healer's Guild, have been kicked out. The fires are green in Manshu.

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