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Blue Heaven Springs

A temple of the Lady of Waters and spring complex, located underground near the East Road in Manshu. It is very beautiful, but can be accessed only with a medallion of the Lady of Waters that functions as a key.

Layout of Blue Heaven Springs:

Descriptions of Blue Heaven Springs given by travelers...
"The cave beyond the door had walls, floors, and columns that tapered in the middle, scattered except for two rows straight before us, all of crystals. All of it glittered and shone in myriad shades of blue and blue-green and blue-violet, touched with pink, in the sunlight that filtered in through small holes near the top of the walls. The nature-carved cavern was easily the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, and the columns and walls bore smooth designs of waves and dolphins and selkiri amid the natural swirls. In the room beyond that was the hot spring itself! There was a large, steaming, bubbling pool ahead of us, surrounded by lush green plants and more of the beautiful crystalline walls, and warm, moist,sulfur-smelling air wafted towards us. There were two smaller pools to the sides, both of which sort of led off behind walls, from behind which came the sounds of falling water. Above one pool was a picture of a woman, above the other a picture of a man, both worked smoothly into the designs of the walls. Next to all three pools were crystal racks with fluffy white towels and loose, light, white garments apparently meant for swimming in, slipdress sort of things on the women's side, shorts on the men's."
"And as for the women's side... The narrow pool that had run beside the path widened out to half-fill a large, beautiful room, liek the main one but even prettier, with little waterfalls and gorgeous flowers everywhere. Flowering vines spilled over from basins built into the columns, wrapping around them to trail into the pool. The remaining half-room held piles of silken cushions and baskets of sweet and fresh fruit on low, crystalline pillars. The room was full of a sweet scent that overpowered the sulfur smell of the spring itself without being unpleasantly strong.
"Through a door on one side was another, smaller room. On one side were cubbies carved into the crystal wall, lined in blue silk; on the other, small, silk curtained stalls...."flush" toilets. There were sinks too. The next room was the shower room. The showers, like the sinks in the other room, were actually little waterfalls of warm water. In each curtained alcove was a seemingly natural rack holding shampoos, bath gels, bars of soap and something that was apparently this world's version of a loofah. Out of splashing range was a rack of fluffy towels."
"The men's side, on the other hand...was a very tiny cavern. A small waterfall was the source of the spring's supply. In the wall by the pool were some holes, which held some shorts, towel, and a bar of lard soap. The clothing and even the bar of soap bore the same in signia; The Lady of Waters. The only other thing in the room was a clothesline, that consisted of two rust poles with a rope that went between them."
"The selkiri pull boats down the system of canals fro transport within the temple...and the tunnels were as beautiful as the main cavern...they shone in myriad shades of soft colors, all of it glittering crystal, the colors shifting with the reflections from the water. There are, however, a few waterfalls at the entrances or exits to certain major rooms... so one might want a parasol or some such."

Either the spring itself or the water appears to possess healing properties.

people (including selkiri) at Blue Heaven Springs:
Old woman, identity unknown.
Nadia, Head Priestess. Has blue hair and light blue eyes.
Jinnosuke. Selkiri.

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