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Aoli (aka AOLi)

A big world religion. Central temple in the city of Hicho. Our source is not quite certain whether they bow to a god... or what one, but we do know they are against the Evil One.
Magic is against the Aoli's belief's, or so they claim, yet they often use Jii, and in fact it is the Aoli mages who make them.
the Aoli are stark men, with conservative views. They are the ultimate grey clad conservative moral (and closeminded) religious fanatics. They're really more a moral order than a religion. Aoli women are treated as servants.... they are supposedly morally or otherwise inferior.
They have control of the government of Manshu, though "unofficially". Recently (within the last 5 to 10 years), they've come down hard on all other religions within the country. Until this began, for centuries, the Lady of Waters had had a fair-sized temple in Chaiang. Now, Her only temple in the nation is a small one in the small port town at the east end of the Long Road, and in fact no religion other than the Aoli themselves is allowed more than one, very small, temple in the nation, which is then very heavily taxed and "inspected" every fortnight by what our agent describes as "pompus reed-thin Aoli people". There are also curfews and religious persecution, and all the magic academies and the Healers' Guild have been kicked out. The reason the Lady of Waters is looked down on even more than the other foreign religions is that Her religion is matriarchal... which the Aoli hate. No one is quite sure what prompted this sudden constrictiveness.
Description of the main temple: large, with high granite walls and little exterior decoration. The heavy oak main doors, and other doors throughout the temple, open of themselves. The floor is marble, shading from black near the door to pure white. The interior is lit by torches and a stained glass window showing a winged creature above a praying priest. A red door of gold and tooled leather leads to the T'aoli's study. The study is a large room with a fireplace and a large chair at the far wall. There are dark-looking carved angels on pedestals, and mahogany furniture.
Priests's garments: gray robes and gloves. The T'aoli wears red robes.

T'aoli Steve Grashna, head of the order (Hicho temple)
A cold, dark-robed priest (Hicho temple)

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