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capital: Jiran
government: monarchy ruled by a queen. Her three primary advisors are the High Lord Sorceror, the high Lord Wizard, and the High Lord General. Various areas of the queendom are ruled by various Lords and Ladies. Major cities, other than Jiran, are ruled by but not owned by High Ladies or High Lords.
religion: polytheistic; central temple of the Lady of Waters is in Jiran
geography: hilly in the north, flattening toward the south, temperate climate with warm summers, snowy winters. Source of the River Jira is in the Northern Mountains just above Jiran
cities: ?
architecture: lower-class buildings are rectangular and of wood or stone with thatched roofs; palaces of Lords and Ladies and all buildings within inner walls of Jiran are of pale marble, often domed, frequently decorated with a tasteful amount of ornamentation.
clothing: loose pants of cotton, wool, or silk, in black, brown, or any bright color, tucked into calf- or knee-high boots of brown or black leather; lower classes: overshirt, plain and brightly colored, sleeves loose at wrists, somewhat full, worn with a bright-colored sash; below the sash, panels hang down to about the knee in front and rear, round neckline with slit partway down center. Upper classes wear similar shirts, of bright colors or white, with contrasting or geometric patterned bands at wrists, neck and hem, usually with a sleeveless white undershirt.
notes: other countries sometimes look askance at Alari because one of the queen's advisors is traditionally connected with the Dark Lord. There is however a very high degree of equality between men and women.

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