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Jiran is the capital of Alari.
It is the East terminal point (so far as we know) of the East (aka West) Road, and the North terminal point of the River Road. It is on the River Jira, which passes through both the inner and outer cities.
The outer city is ordinarily buildings and farmland, enclosed by a marble wall. The inner city, within a higher wall, is entirely marble... the streets are paved in it.
The innermost city, on an island in the middle of the river, is connected to the rest of the inner city by bridges to the east and west. A broad north-south throughfare runs its whole length, about one mile, bordered by market stalls. At the south end is the central temple of the Lady of Waters, which has a decorated facade facing south down the river as well as the one facing north toward the street. At the north end is the Queen's Palace. Just south of it on the east side is a temple of the Light, of white marble, with which the High Lord Wizard is linked, and across the road from it (on the west side) is a temple of the DArk Lord, of black marble, with which the High Lord Sorceror is associaterd. Most people avoid this temple. On this island is also, east of the main road and a few blocks away, an inn called the Seagull, which is quite typically named despite Jiran's distance from the sea.
One of the most beautiful cities in the world... at least, the inner city is; the inhabitants claim it is the most beautiful.

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