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capital: Kursermanse
government: Monarchy; the Lord of Kursermanse is the Baron of Myridon. The Baron Visnat Slayerson has pretty much taken the land by force, gathering the scattered townships under one banner. Although Myridon is considered a sovereign nation, Visnat still abides by the Laws set by the Queen of Alari, whom he had at one time served under. Although the land politically belongs to Visnat, he has not made any move to assimilate the Monastery of the Silver Fang into his rule, much to the dismay of his advisers. He retains a small but skilled force of Palladins to police the land, although their services are rarely required since the Enforcers usually take anything threatening out of the way very efficiently.
religion: ? Monastery of the Silver Fang is in the northwest corner.
geography: Myridon is a large, forested region that borders on the sea. The coast line in blocked off, however, by the huge, sheer cliffs that tower above the raging surf. A jagged coral reef in the shallows prevents all shipping to Myridon, and the people are mainly farmers and herders. The coast line is also shunned because of the annual typhoons that assault the nearby areas, causing frequent flooding and at least one mud slide where the forest has been cleared away.
cities: none known
architecture: Standard midieval Europe in Kursermanse; large stone structures and wood and straw peasant housing. The Monastery is the only exception to this general rule, with spires and arches and little carvings on its roof.
clothing: The people of Myridon wear a variety of clothing, ranging from the simple, dull farming garb of the peasants to the rich and almost flamboyant attire of the Baron and his court. The winters get very cold in Myridon, forcing the populace to wear heavy clothing and fur overcoats outside. Most of the fur comes from the common fox or sheep, but the royals treat themselves to the rare, expensive fur of the Great Bear, the royal animal of Myridon.
notes: As of late, the Great Bear has been vanishing. The peasants blame the Baron, yet it is also a possibility that they have moved north in search of food or a more suitable habitat, although the migration of the Great Bear is as yet an unheard of phenomenon. Part of the reason the commoners readily blame the Baron is due to the numerous rumors spreading like a cancer across the nation. Rumors of a change in the Baron, that he is no longer seen during the day, or that the daughter of a brother of a friend had gone to the castle yet never returned, or of the lifeless, blood-drained bodies showing up in the woods, tossed careslessly aside by their murderer. The more frequent appearance of the Enforcers around the palace have only served to stoke the flames of suspicion in this little country...

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