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About the FARPG

The founding members of the FARPG were all founding members (or almost...) of a Ranma - based RPG, but became unsatisfied. We got together to talk about the problem, and... well... we basically decided to write up the following:

1. For multiple reasons, we felt that the Ranma RPG is way overdue for a change. Unfortunately, the changes we desire are so drastic, we feel it would be better to just create a NEW RPG.

2. This new RPG won't be based on any particular series, but will be our own collective creation. It will still be anime (or manga, as this is literature, not animation) based, but it will also be ORIGINAL.

3. Cameos MAY be allowed on a REEEALY short term basis, maybe, (few seconds, tops), but it's primarily "No outsiders allowed." On the other hand, concepts for characters or plots may be ...*ahem*... borrowed from existing sources. Tolkein's LoTR series wasn't all made up, after all - he took a lot from legends and Middle-English literature.

4. Narrators have the option of writing themselves as their characters - like they've been sucked into the RPG and are now anime characters. (If you've seen the old D&D cartoon on Saturday morning TV, you know what we're talking about.) This is not mandatory, however: you can still create an original character if you desire.

4-a. Narrators also have the option to have their characters be creatures, provided that the character still starts off weak enough. There'll be no intro level characters leveling cities as fire-breathing dragons, thank you very much. ^_^

5. This RPG is Fantasy based. (i.e., dragons, castles, elves, etc.) It doesn't have to follow D&D rules, as this is NOT intended to be a D&D writing group. Things like mecha and laser guns are frowned upon, as they don't fit the fantasy aspect of the RPG.

6. Each member is required to post at least 3 times per month. Dual posts are counted as a half-post for each participant. Exceptions will be granted on an individual basis (like, if the post was reeeeealy long, or if the person's lost 'net access for a while.) by the administrators in charge.

7. The aforementioned administrators will consist of the following people:

-Stana (CinC)

-Paul (JAG)

-Teri (Orientation)

-Spiffy (Webmaster)

8. Command is broken up into four sections.

-Commander in Chief (oversees the general run of the game)

-JAG (or the policer of all things legal and not)

-New player orientation (nuff said)

-Web page maintenance (ditto)

These positions will rotate a bit to prevent them from getting stale.

9. New player characters will always start on a novice level, no matter who the character's Narrator is. Non-Player Characters are exceptions to this rule, but should still follow the next point.


11. PCs and NPCs should be approved by the Orientation person before meaningful inclusion in the plot. NPCs are not to be used nearly as often as PCs, 'tho - this is the story of the _PCs_, not the _NPCs_. NPCs are essentially background, supporting cast, or evil villains (as opposed to GOOD villains ^_^).

12. Characters will adventure in small groups. It's a big world out there, and having too many characters in one place makes it difficult for any narrator.

13. We'll be building this world as we go along, describing new lands as we come across them or when they become necessary for the plot. There's no need to carve everything in stone right from day one.

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