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First thing to do is read the rules. (You may want to read our outdated charter as well, but it's not necessary.) You might want to read some of the archived posts as well. After that, use this form to create a character profile like the ones we've made, and send it along with some sample writing to Ian, our current Orientation person.

Do not send profiles to the other Admin members, as all they will do is forward them to Ian.

We (the administrators) will then look over your profile, and either approve you for membership or give you some constructive criticism to improve your character.

Things to remember:

Read what we already have

Make sure you read everything before you submit a profile. You'll have to do so anyway- and it helps you to create an original character which fits in with the world. This includes all webpages, character profiles, and as many posts as you can manage. Before you begin posting, you will have to have read all the existing posts. So get a head start!


Most character bios are not approved on the first attempt for one simple thing - the guy's just WAY TOO POWERFUL! When writing your profile, keep in mind that the character should be around novice level. It's okay for him or her to have a kewl ability that will progress as the game goes on, but there should be some balancing drawbacks, as well.


Please keep in mind, when creating a profile, that it is vital that you read all existing character bios closely. We strive to eliminate all major similarities between characters. For instance, we don't want two characters that practice white magic, or we don't want two healers, etc. We're looking for completely original ideas, and original motivating circumstances.

What makes your character unique? Each of us has our little flaws, our little quirks, imperfections which, while not large, makes us who we are. For instance: "Teri" has a severe addiction to coffee and a constantly rumbling stomach. While these are two small, strange examples-- they are unique to that character, and differentiate her from any other "Empath" in other fantasy stories.

Background info.

Something happened to get your character where he / she is today. What is it? We don't need a book, but a well-informed summary would be nice.


The name should give it away, yes, but just remember that this is a fantasy game - like D&D, Middle Earth, etc. Mecha, guns, and cellular phones don't exist here, as far as we're concerned. ^_^

Motivating Circumstances

Why is your character suddenly at a point where he/she can interact with the other RPG characters? What, exactly, made him/her leave the farm in pursuit of larger things? Or why did he/she start wandering the countryside? Is your character looking for perfection in a skill? Was he/she kicked out of some place? Was the town burned down? Did he/she escape from somewhere? Is he/she looking for someone who ran away? etc. etc. What is the MOTIVATION for leaving? it can be any reason.

Another Note

Please keep in mind that Profiles take two or three tries until they are approved. This is not a reflection on your writing or on your character-- merely an attempt by command to fit your character into the existing world. All suggestions made by command are just that-- suggestions, and are open to discussion. Have fun!! ^_^

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