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Character Art

Some of our talented members have submitted graphics of what their creations look like. In addition there is a still-needed area for local Naradan species and flora.


An archive of (almost) every story written. The most recent posts may not always be available imediately.

Character Profiles

Basic descriptions of the characters in the game. These are the biographies of who these people are and what motivates them to journey in this world. It also relates the relevence of their being in this game.

Member Profiles

Biographies of the players in this game. What motivates them to write for this world..


A collection of humoresque fantasy and anime.


Answers to various questions you may have about the FARPG itself.

Our original Charter

Essentially the original "constitution" that started this whole mess. ^_^ This document is here for historical interest and is superceded completely by the rules.

Site Map

You are here.

How to Join

Information on what you will need to do to submit a request to travel with us.

Estela's Narada Travel Service (off-site)

The beginnings of a cultural center. Here you can find aspects of religions and socio-historical topics.

Mirror Site (off-site)

Another FARPG site with much the same information.

Tales from the Green Dragon Inn (off-site)

A collection of the legends and history of Narada, along woth some of the more ... off the wall... writings.

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