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I: Players Rights

II: Character Rules

III: Gaming Rules

IV: Requirements/Penalties

V: Command

VI: Final Note

I - A.

The creations of individual players are that player's "property". Authorization is required before using another player's creation for any major plot or character development. Consultation is recommended when dealing with another player's concept, even in an indirect manner.

I - B.

Authors have the right to "veto" any story concerning a creation of theirs that has been written "incorrectly."

II - A.

New Player-Characters (PC's) will always start on a novice level, no matter who the character's Narrator is. Non-Player Characters (NPC's) are exceptions to this rule, but should still follow II - F.

II - B.

Major NPCs should have a profile (use the same form as for a normal character) submitted for review by Admin before or immediately after they become major NPCs. NPCs should be approved by the Orientation person before meaningful inclusion in the plot. NPCs are not to be used nearly as often as PCs, 'tho - this is the story of the _PCs_, not the _NPCs_. NPCs are essentially background, supporting cast, or evil villains (as opposed to GOOD villains ^_^).

II - C.

Cameos MAY be allowed on a REEEALY short term basis, maybe, (few seconds, tops), but it's primarily "No outside, unoriginal characters allowed." On the other hand, concepts for characters or plots may be ...*ahem*... borrowed from existing sources. Tolkein's LoTR series wasn't all made up, after all - he took a lot from legends and Middle-English literature.

II - D.

Narrators have the option of writing themselves as their characters - like they've been sucked into the RPG and are now anime characters. (If you've seen the old D&D cartoon on Saturday morning TV, you know what we're talking about.) This is not mandatory, however: you can still create an original character if you desire.

II - E.

Narrators also have the option to have their characters be creatures, provided that the character still starts off weak enough. There'll be no intro level characters leveling cities as fire-breathing dragons, thank you very much. ^_^

II - F.

There will be absolutely no omnipotent characters, be they PC's or NPC's! Not only is omnipotency boring to read, it's boring to write about, too.

III - A.

This is an interactive writing game. Solo posts are encouraged-- but not solitary adventuring. The point of this game is to interact with other writers and other characters. Those looking for a forum in which to send their own individual story should look elsewhere. This RPG is about developing and creating an original story WITH other people. At the same time, characters should adventure in small groups. It's a big world out there, and having too many characters in one place makes it difficult for any narrator.

III - B.

Members will treat their fellow writers with patience and respect. It is understood that it often takes writers varying amounts of time to adjust to the format of this game, and mistakes will be tolerated and help is always available. Members should do their best to help their fellow writers develop their skills just as they hope to develop their own.

III - C.

If there is a problem with another character, another post, or one feels that someone has violated a rule- immediately notify jag or command in a constructively criticizing way. The narrator should submit suggestions and constructive criticism to Command along with his or her complaint, rather than foster ill feeling towards a problem which can easily be remedied with a bit of patience.


Each member is required to post at least 3 times per month. Dual posts are counted as a half-post for each participant. NPC posting is counted as a half-credit if the post furthers some understanding of your main PC.


Exceptions for Post Requirements will be granted on an individual basis by the administrators in charge. It is the player's responsibility to notify JAG before the 15th of the month if the player will be unable to make Quota for that month, and will supply a reason why he or she is unable to fulfil posting requirements. Exceptions will also include emergencies, or more "points" for extremely long posts, at JAG's discretion.


If a player fails quota within his first three months of membership, he will receive a "Newbie Warning" re-explaining the rules of the game, posting requirements and such. If a player again fails to meet quota, he will be given an Official Warning. If within the next four months the player again fails to meet quota, he will be suspended from the group for a period of one month. Further penalties will be decided at Command's discretion. Members excused from Quota requirements for a particular month (see IV-B) will not be penalized for lack of activity. Keeping in touch with Command if difficulties arise will greatly aid in fixing problems and avoiding penalization.


The aforementioned administrative positions and their current administrators (aka Command) will consist of the following people:

-Commander in Chief: Stana

-JAG: Teri

-Orientation: Ian

-Webmaster: Spiffy

Admin reserves the right to shuffle these responsibilities around should any particular duty become stale.


Command's job is to help keep the writing group running smoothly. Command is committed to helping the player deal with any and all problems that may arise. We encourage you to share your thoughts, inspirations, concerns and ideas with us. We would love your feedback at any time during the game.

VI. Final Note:

We'll be building this world as we go along, describing new lands as we come across them or when they become necessary for the plot. There's no need to carve everything in stone right from day one. Feel free to take an active role in developing this world's history, culture, myths, religions, conflicts, horticulture, and whatever else your creativity can come up with!

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