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Madron City

"Capital" of the "country" of Madron.
A major port city on the eastern shore, northern terminal of the Shore Road. For certain goods, it is the major port.
The city is run by a Mayor who is elected once a year by the Guild Council. The city runs, to a great degree, the rest of the area referred to as "Madron" by the rest of the world, besides the city-state of Madron itself.

some guilds in order of importance:
Slaver Guild
Wizards Guild
Merchants Guild
Gladiators Guild
Theives Guild
Assassins Guild

Buildings and clothing in Madron City are a mixture of styles from all over the world... plus whatever anyone in the city thought up. The streets of the city twist and turn, with many dark alleys and oddly shaped buildings, except for the wealthiest districts and a few main roads.
Slavery is the primary source of income for the city. Slaves are frequently forced to fight each other in the gladiator pits, aside from more straightfoward uses.

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