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Alissa - by Alia

Audion - by Kit

Estela - by herself

Finn - by Spiffy

Gunther - by Allen

Kade Mortus - by Joe LaPalme

Naruko - by Peng

Phosphor the Halogenate - by Tim Coffelt

Quinn - by Mark Ponz

Shinji - by Ian Chongson

Stana - by herself

Teri - by herself

Tadrin Av Valeri - by David Ramsden

Non-Player Characters

Aaron - by Spiffy

Argnoth - by Spiffy

Big (Mir) - by Teri

Clip - by Stana

Drake - by Spiffy

Elainas - by Spiffy

Garrick - by Spiffy

The Ghanril - by Teri

Hooded (Charrit) - by Teri

Kal - by Spiffy

Lieh - by Teri

Lyr R'Kelnin - by Stana

The 6th Army - by Teri

Sullam - by Stana

Wonko the Sane - by Spiffy


Retired Characters

Alan - by Jonathon

Azrel - by Angreal

Bubbles - by Watts Isnaim

Chiun - by Cindy

Paul - by himself

Roland - by Jason Sobel


Iya Yume - by Amanda

Wataru - by Wataru

Dead NPCs

General Murdoch - by Teri

Rashka - by Teri

Tall (Klav) - by Teri


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